Piggy - Lily & Cuddles

"We are so happy, I want another 10 of him. He brings the entire family so much joy! 10/10 recommend this breeder! Thank you!" -Camila

Brew - Jazi & Forrest

"Brew, Brewbear or Brewberry came home in July 2017. He is super snuggly and steals anyone's heart who meets him. He is my shadow and is always within my eyesight." -Shayna

Charli - Alice & Forrest

"Charli has been a fun, spicy, zoomy, and cuddly addition to my life. It has been just over a year and I can't imagine my home without her in it." -April

Berklee - Jazi & Cuddles

"My handsome. We love him so much. He's very quiet and follows me everywhere. He is perfect." -Lana

Simba - Lily & Forrest

"Simba stole our hearts from the moment we saw him. He is calm, affectionate, playful, and loves to be the center of attention!" -Oxana

Dorothy - Jazi & Cuddles

"I am soooo happy with her!! We think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world!" -Tina

Keko - Lily & Cuddles

"My husband found Keko on Kijiji the same afternoon I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 15yrs as she crossed the rainbow bridge. She has filled a huge hole in my heart with more love and cuddles than I could ever imagine. She is settling in nicely to our family and she and our other boy Luke are becoming fast friends and have already started to play with each other." -Shannon

Goopta & Chepsi

"These two beautiful girls are Goopta (Flamepoint) & Chepsi (Tortie Blue). There are almost 3½ years old now. They are so laid back and love to be carried. They literally just melt in your arms. They help to make this house a loving home!!!" -Rob

Kimchi - Lily and Forrest

"Kimchi in his Valentine's bandana! Looks a lot like his mom! -Jocelyn

Otis - Jazi & Forrest

"Otis is a well-mannered handsome boy. He’s over 3 now and loves daily cuddles." -Shauna

Cotton and Smokey

"These two are a year apart but are brother & sister. There are no words for the joy, love, & companionship these two have brought to our family. Cotton & Smokey are just furballs of love. Thank you!!" -Annie

Blue - Alice & Forrest

"Allow me to introduce 'Blue'. The children call him 'Kitty Blue' or 'Blueberry'. He is curious, funny, playful and we love our Big boy soooo much!!!! He follows us wherever we go and LOVES running water!" -Terri

Jynx - Alice & Forrest

"Here’s Jynx and my grandma, he just loves her. I think it’s mutual! -Juliana

Margot - Lily & Forrest

"My Margot is a complete darling. She is very smart, loving and fun! And very beautiful. She gives kisses, plays catch, and greets me at the door every day! And she likes to hold hands!" -Marina

Sebastian - Alice & Forrest

"My beautiful Sebastian. 3yrs old. Gentle and quiet. So easy going, he gets along with all humans and other animals alike. He is getting more and more cuddly." -Diana

Jersey Girl - Alice & Forrest

"Jersey Girl has been a wonderful addition to our family. Her personality is so unique. She is so beautiful and I love her dearly. My children say I love her more than them!! Lol!!" -Bobbi-Jo

Taco - Jazi & Forrest

"Taco is now a year old; very sweet and fun!"- James

Leelou - Jazi & Forrest

"Our Leelou is absolutely beautiful! Such a mild and handsome guy! Best guy ever!" -Paula

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