Forrest holds the distinguished title of being the inaugural King of our cattery. He boasts a remarkable lineage as a magnificent Flame Point Ragdoll Himalayan Cross.

In the heartwarming spirit of the holiday season, Forrest was bestowed upon my son Donovan as an enchanting Christmas present in November 2014. Since then, he has remained an extraordinary treasure in our lives.

With an insatiable appetite for affection, Forrest revels in the adoration bestowed upon him. His excursions for leisurely strolls in the lush outdoors provide him with ample opportunities to luxuriate in the caress of the grass.


Introducing Cuddles, the latest addition to our regal lineage, born in the delightful month of January 2020. This majestic feline reigns supreme as a purebred Himalayan, exuding an air of elegance and grace. 

True to his name, Cuddles, he possesses an innate penchant for cuddling, endearing himself to all who have the pleasure of his company.

While Cuddles may initially exhibit a shy demeanour around unfamiliar faces, he gradually unveils his affectionate nature over time, winning over the hearts of those patient enough to earn his trust. 

In a heartwarming display of his nurturing qualities, Cuddles experienced the joy of fatherhood for the first time in April 2021, as he and Jazi welcomed their cherished litter into the world.