Willow, our esteemed original Queen, has gracefully embarked on her journey beyond the rainbow bridge. Adorned with a mesmerizing blue point coat, Willow was a captivating blend of Ragdoll and Himalayan ancestry. Her endearing nature knew no bounds, as she showered our lives with an abundance of affection.

In her maternal role, Willow displayed exceptional prowess, nurturing her offspring with unwavering devotion. Not only a doting mother, but she was also a cherished companion, offering unwavering companionship and solace during both joyous and challenging times.

The void left by Willow's absence is deeply felt, as her absence is a constant reminder of the immeasurable impact she had on our lives. Her memory continues to be treasured, and she remains forever missed in our hearts.


Alice, our admired second Queen, held a special place in our hearts as she was a delightful offspring of Willow and Forrest. It was our daughter Kaylee's profound love for Alice that led us to make the decision to keep her as a cherished member of our feline family. Alice's enchanting presence graced our home with her exquisite Seal Point Tortie Ragdoll Himalayan beauty.

Alice proved herself to be an exceptional mother, caring for her kittens with utmost dedication. However, when the time came for our daughter Kaylee to embark on her own journey, Alice couldn't resist the magnetic bond they shared, prompting Kaylee to take Alice along. As a result, Alice gracefully transitioned into a well-deserved retirement, enjoying a life filled with happiness and good health in the loving care of our daughter.

Though her role as a breeding queen may have come to an end, Alice's legacy lives on, forever etched in our memories. Her story is a testament to the remarkable connections and deep bonds formed between humans and their feline companions.


Allow me to introduce Jazi, a captivating Blue Cream Lynx Point Himalayan Ragdoll Cross, gracing our presence since her birth in the enchanting month of March 2016. Jazi's delicate beauty is matched only by her gentle and reserved nature. As a shy girl, she possesses an alluring aura that draws us closer in admiration.

In May 2017, Jazi began her maternal journey, blessing us with a remarkable litter that showcased an exquisite array of flame points, blue cream lynx points, and blue torties. Her offspring bear the unmistakable mark of her exceptional lineage, inherited with grace and elegance.

Jazi's dedication as a mother transcends all limits, as she embraces her role with unwavering attentiveness and boundless affection. Her primary focus is the well-being and happiness of her cherished kittens, and she spares no effort to provide them with the utmost care and love. Her nurturing presence fills our hearts with admiration, as she exemplifies the epitome of maternal care and affection.


Meet Lily, a breathtaking Blue Cream Lynx Point Purebred Himalayan, gracing our lives since her arrival in the delightful month of March 2019. Lily's allure is undeniable, capturing hearts with her exquisite beauty. Beyond her captivating appearance, she possesses a warm and affectionate nature, revelling in the attention bestowed upon her.

In April 2020, Lily embarked on her journey of motherhood, gifting us with an exceptional litter that encompassed an enchanting mix of flame points, blue cream lynx points, and seal points. Each kitten inherits Lily's striking characteristics, a testament to her exceptional lineage.

As a mother, Lily's attentiveness knows no bounds. With boundless care and affection, she ensures the well-being and happiness of her beloved offspring. Furthermore, Lily embraces her role as a social butterfly, seeking treats and inviting pets multiple times a day. Her sociable nature adds another layer of joy to our lives, as she effortlessly spreads her infectious charm.