Welcome to Forrest Fringe Cattery

Ragdolls & Himalayans

Forrest Fringe Cattery finds its idyllic home nestled on the serene banks of the Garden River, near the enchanting Forest Fringe in the breathtaking region of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Our passion lies in the nurturing and raising of gentle, affectionate Ragdoll-Himalayan cats and their adorable kittens.

With utmost dedication, we provide a loving environment for our feline companions. They are not only cared for meticulously but are also nurtured alongside our two children, who play an integral role in socializing the kittens. Our goal is to ensure that each kitten grows up well-adjusted, displaying a delightful temperament and boundless love.

Through our diligent breeding efforts, we aim to produce a diverse range of healthy, exquisite, and well-socialized kittens. These precious feline treasures come in an array of captivating colours and enchanting patterns, providing a delightful variety for prospective adopters to choose from.

Our journey into the realm of cattery began with the introduction of Queen 'Willow,' a mesmerizing blue point Ragdoll Himalayan Cross. Willow was lovingly gifted to our daughter Kaylee on her 13th birthday, captivating us all with her endearing qualities. Since that moment, our hearts have been forever charmed by the captivating nature of these extraordinary cats, fueling our unwavering dedication to their well-being and happiness.

Forrest, our first King, entered our lives as a remarkable and cherished Christmas gift for our son Donovan back in 2014. From the very beginning, it was evident that Forrest was unlike any other cat we had ever encountered. His unique essence brought a new level of enchantment and wonder to our household. 

It was Forrest's exceptional presence that ultimately inspired us to embark on the path of breeding. His extraordinary nature and undeniable charm resonated deeply within us, illuminating the beauty and fulfillment that comes with nurturing and sharing our lives with these magnificent feline companions. It was through Forrest's influence and the profound connection we forged with him that we realized breeding was not only a passion but a calling that we wholeheartedly embraced. 

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